100th Post

July 18, 2012

I've made it to the milestone of 100 posts. This achievement feels just like when a tv show makes it to 100 episodes. Now, I too can be viable for syndication, haha. 

I'm back in Chicago, visiting the family and enjoying the change of scenery for a few weeks. I thought I'd be escaping the Texas heat but Chicago is in a pretty sweltering heat wave right now. It was wishful thinking. 

With the Sistas reunited, we decided to venture out to a new (new as in we've never been) restaurant in the city. Twin Sista and Sista Min decided on the popular The Publican restaurant. But to avoid longer lines and higher prices, we ate across the street at Publican Quality Meats.
825 W. Fulton Market Street, Chicago, IL
Publican Quality Meats is part market, part restaurant all on top of their butcher shop. (I even got a sneak peak of the butchering on my way to the restroom downstairs). Its hours are between late morning and early evening so your best bet is lunch/brunch/happy hour. 

The Sistas were joined by Twin Sista's bf and my faux bf and partner-in-crime DP. We all ordered sandwiches and cocktails and were all so happy. The food and drinks were so delicious and amazing. 
I'm not a regular with the Bloody Mary but saw one while waiting for our table and thought, what the heck! It came with a beer chaser (is this normal?) and an intense garnish of cheese, cornichons, salami and olives. Tasted like minestrone soup, but in the best way possible. And the beer was a great complement to the cocktail. This could have been my entire meal since it was kind of hearty.

My meal wasn't complete without the in-house cupcake. As soon as I saw it on the menu, I knew we'd be meeting each other soon. The cupcake of the day was chocolate chip with coffee buttercream and for the small price of $2.50.
The cupcake was reminiscent of a chocolate chip cookie: a lil salty and filled with chocolatey goodness. For once, I'm going to complain that there almost wasn't enough frosting. The cupcake was topped with coffee buttercream frosting and the hint of coffee added a nice kick to the whole cake. It was perfectly moist and super delicious. 

So happy to be reunited with you, Chicago. 

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