Little Nugget

July 16, 2012

Big Sista's has a lil one on the way. So in Chung fashion, we threw a lil partay for her and her hubby and Baby Nugget (name for baby until she arrives). 
We had an afternoon soiree filled with tasty food, good company and lots of presents! This year's project was decorated sugar cookies for party favors. (Last year the Chung Sistas tackled wedding macarons).  

I was inspired by some beautifully decorated cookies from the Annie's Eats Blog. With her very informative instructions on decorating with royal icing, I was able to feel somewhat like a real pastry decorator and create some cute sugar cookies (with the help of Twin Sista)
If you are new to royal icing and cookie decorating, here are a few helpful hints that helped me since this experience was a lot of trial and error and patience:
  • for outlining, make sure not to thin the icing too much (you'll get a sloppy mess). firm icing that allows you to pipe smoothly is key. 
  • a thin pastry tip (no. 1 or no. 2) is necessary to create clean lines. 
  • make extra royal icing in case you mess up the consistency before you begin. this will ease the whole decorating process.
  • like Annie suggests, a squeeze bottle really does ease the process of filling in the outlined areas. 
  • while Annie suggests that royal icing does keep at room temperature, I would try to make some as you need it, instead of saving it and using it after a day or two. I couldn't get the same consistency as the day I made it since the mixture does separate when left sitting. 
  • this process is very time-consuming and labor intensive. be patient! 

The sugar cookies are my all-time favorite sugar cookie recipe from King Arthur Flour. With the addition of cream cheese, a soft, cake-like cookie is baked that is perfectly buttery and not-too-sweet. 
Also on the menu: 
We all can't wait to meet the first Chung Sista baby in the next few weeks! 

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