Time Flies By

August 3, 2012

My three weeks in Chicago came and went, in the blink of an eye. I proud to say that I ate at the places I'd been dying to go to, had reunions with old friends and threw my (and sistas') first successful shower
Chicago Style Pizza: always a must when I go home
I even tried the legendary Portillo's Chocolate Cake. Sorry folks, didn't think it tasted anything beyond a piece of average chocolate cake. 
This is also late review of a cupcake that I ate almost two weeks ago. I went to a new French bakery, Toni Patisserie & Cafe, that happens to occupy space in a building that I lived in two summer ago. If I was lucky enough to live there now, I'd be frequenting this bakery often. It is quaint and cheery and it doesn't hurt that they have delicious food. 
located at: 65 East Washington Street, The Loop, Chicago, Illinois
I initially went there for a cupcake. Sista Min had heard that they had cupcakes and you know that means, I had to get one. I ordered a chocolate cupcake for $3.25. 
The cupcake was moist and had the most goopey and thick frosting I have thus encountered. I loved it! The sprinkles on top added a nice crunch to the cake. It was a simple chocolate cake, clean flavors and very satisfying (much more tasty than the Portillo's chocolate cake). (On a side note: the wrapper was very thick and scalloped, which made the squish test not possible). 

I later, on a second outing to the patisserie, got lunch with friends and sista, enjoyed a delicious lunch and ate a very tasty cookie to complete the meal. The saddest part of our time there: my friend's purse got stolen. Beware: although cute and cozy, the cafe is not free from city crime. 

Until we meet again, Chicago. xoxo


  1. Looks like you have fun. I hope I can go to Chicago one day and try the Pizza.

  2. I would recommend Giordano's for pizza if you do ever end up in Chicago.