You Had Me At Nilla Wafers...

August 8, 2012

It was too good to be true, to live basically in one city for an entire year. (I've been a nomad for about two+ years now). Well, I'm moving again! In September, I'll become a resident of Buffalo, New York. I lived there for a few months two years ago, so I'll be reunited with some familiar sites and faces. 

So in preparation for my last few weeks in Houston, I'm making a bucket list of places to go, which includes a few cupcake bakeries. Today I decided to make a pit stop to the Sugar Rush Cake Gallery on my way home from work. 
located at: 3821 Woodvalley Drive, Braeswood Place, Houston, Texas
Sometimes before I visit a cupcake place, I browse their online menu and decide what I want to order. I had my heart set on getting a German chocolate cupcake but then when I got there and read the menu again, I was intrigued by their banana cupcake. I saw the words banana pudding and Nilla wafers and said bye bye to the German chocolate cupcake and hello! to the Oh Puddin' banana cupcake. 

Sugar Rush Cake Gallery sells about twelve varieties of cupcakes along with mini cakes, tea cakes, cookies and more. Their cupcakes are a lil more on the large side and are $3.50 each. 
I was super hungry when I got home with my cupcake in tow. The cupcake seemed promising since it was by far one of the springiest cupcakes I have wrapper-squished. One bite in and I was face-to-face with a dry but airy cupcake. It seemed dry since the cake was crumbly in my mouth. It was a mystery: a light, springy but dry, crumbly cake (kind of like dry angel food cake, I guess)

This cupcake may win for being the messiest cupcake. On top of having a cream cheese frosting, the cupcake was filled with  banana pudding and some more Nilla wafers (which became a sloppy mess halfway in to eating it). These two helped the cupcake win back major points since it made me forget about the crumbly cake. But something about the sourness from the frosting and the sweetness from the pudding combined made it a lil strange. Regardless, I scarfed down the entire cupcake. A nice lil afternoon snack!

I'm still on the hunt for the best cupcake in Houston. So far, none have wow-ed me (unless you count my bundtlet from Nothing Bundt Cakes). You have a few more weeks to impress me, cupcakes of Houston! 

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