Fall Is In The Air

September 28, 2012

Summer is officially over. Now, if I was still in Houston, I would barely notice the difference. But here in Buffalo, I feeling it coming. 

Most people can hardly contain their excitement at the idea of sweater weather, the changing colors of trees and the surplus of apple and pumpkin-flavored treats. Last year I whined about how much I hate fall. This year, I think I have a change of heart. 
The tree outside my new bedroom window is beginning to change and I can feel a crispness in the air that is so refreshing after a steamy and muggy summer in Texas. I'm also in love with my new down, furry slippers, which would have been so inappropriate to wear in Houston. 

Fall was welcomed with open arms the other day when I had my first pumpkin cupcake of the season. I found myself back in Rochester, New York, where I had spent four years of my college life in basically a one-block radius. Little did I know that Rochester is way less ghetto than what I saw everyday for four years. The city gets better every time I visit (they're even opening up Western New York's first Trader Joe's in a week!)

After a visit with a friend and my old teacher, I thought I'd end my trip with a cupcake visit in my old city. Rochester actually houses several cupcake bakeries but they were either closed on Mondays or a bit out of my way. I decided on going to Cheesy Eddie's, known for their carrot cake and cheesecakes. 
located at: 602 South Ave, Rochester, New York
I was so hungry that I ordered three different items: a carrot cake cupcake, a pumpkin cheesecake cupcake and an oatmeal cookie sandwich. (The cookie sandwich was a snack for my drive back to Buffalo). Lemme just say this: All. Were. Amazing. Yum! 
I couldn't get enough of the combo of the oatmeal cookie and cream cheese frosting. No picture because I gobbled it up so quickly. The carrot cake cupcake was a gift for my temporary roomie, who totally has a thing for carrot cake. She loved. I had a small tasting and while a lil spongey for me, it was pretty tasty. 
The pumpkin cheesecake cupcake was my first cheesecake cupcake! It was perfectly sour, sweet and decadent. While it may appear that it was topped with frosting, it actually was just the cheesecake decorated so beautifully into the cupcake shape. No frosting necessary; it was so tasty on its own. At $3.95, I enjoyed this delicious fall treat. Now I'm craving more pumpkin. 

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