Across the Border

October 2, 2012

I made a lil visit to our neighbor up north, aka Canada. It was my car's first time on foreign land and it was the only way I could quickly get to Ikea from Buffalo (It's only an hour away). 
located at: all over the world! but today at 1065 Plains Road East, Burlington, Ontario, CANADA
This Ikea visit helped me put the finishing touches on my new apartment and I'm just about done with apartment shopping. It has been a LONG three weeks of endless visits to Target, Lowes (I do not belong in hardware stores-they are so confusing) and Bed Bath and Beyond. I hope now I can just sit and relax and enjoy my new space! 
As I ventured to the Ikea Restaurant for some lunch today, I found myself staring at an Ikea cupcake. It was for the small price of $0.99 since it was a pretty small cupcake.
Although I wasn't totally in the mood for a cupcake, I decided I couldn't pass up this one since it was so cheap and small and I had no idea what Elderflower was. After some googling, I now know that Elderflower is of the honeysuckle family and has a floral flavor. It's pretty popular in liqueur form. 
How'd it taste? Well, it did taste a bit like generic Asian fruit-flavored candies, or more specific, muscat flavored gummies. Flavor-wise it was subtle and not too bad but the cupcake was pretty oily. This goes into the category of not-a-good-kind-of-moist-cupcake. Oily/greasy=no good. The frosting had a hint of cream cheese and was where the elderflower flavor resided to top the vanilla flavored cupcake. 

Ikea cupcake: not so good. Ikea shopping: fun and cheap and just what I needed! I couldn't help but shriek with excitement as I shopped around the store. 

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