Hot + Spicy

September 14, 2012

It's official. I'm now a resident of Buffalo, New York. 
How did I celebrate this momentous occasion? By getting a cupcake, of course! 

I found a cupcake bakery conveniently located near Delaware Park (the famous park in Buffalo designed by the same man who created Central Park) so I could combine an afternoon jog + a cupcake in one outing. I visited the Fairy Cakes Cupcakery, which just won the award for Best New Business 2012 from the Buffalo Spree Magazine.  
located at: 289 Parkside Ave, Parkside, Buffalo, New York
I couldn't wait to order a cupcake that I saw on their online menu: The Original Buffalo Hot Wing Cake. I wasn't sure if this meant it would taste like chicken wings but regardless, I saw it as a very fitting way to welcome me to my new city. The cupcake was not chicken-flavored but rather a double chocolate cake with cayenne, topped with an orange-dyed vanilla buttercream frosting. They offer different heat levels: hot, medium and mild. Each cupcake is $3.50. My first spicy cupcake, I was so excited! (My cupcake was medium heat). 
The cupcake was pleasantly moist with just the right amount of heat to give it a good kick. The spicy heat came seconds after the actual bite, which made for a surprising and fun bonus but didn't detract from the actual chocolate flavor. I enjoyed this way more than spicy brownies I've had in the past. Frosting was a little on the dry side but was a nice, neutral complement to the cake. No actual Buffalo wing flavor here but I'll gladly settle for this alternative. 

On a side note: I shared the cupcake with a friend but didn't tell her it was going to be spicy. I'm just glad she didn't kill me because of the surprise. 

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