Christmas Cookie Time!

December 10, 2012

It's my favorite time of year...Christmas Cookie Season! And look who is back for some fun in the kitchen...
Last year I baked some old favorites. This year I decided to switch things up but stick to the usual flavors of the season: mint and gingerbread.
Last Christmas, Twin Sista baked these Chocolate-Mint Crinkle Cookies and I immediately knew I finally found a perfect chocolate-mint recipe for the Christmas season. I waited an entire year to bake these and was almost worried Twin Sista wouldn't pass along the recipe. I'm so glad she did because they were as good as I remembered. But I will admit, since Twin Sista used fancy cocoa powder when she baked these, hers did have a richer and deeper chocolate flavor. If you can splurge on cocoa powder, you can't beat the flavor of Valrhona Cocoa Powder.

This past January, when I was stuck at home on a very stormy day, I found the recipe for these ginger bars. I couldn't wait to bake them again at a more season appropriate time. I even prepared for them by buying Mild Flavored Molasses a few months ago. I wanted to tone down the spice level on these bars so with a little less ginger and the mild molasses, I think I did it.
Happy Holiday Baking! 

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