Christmas Cookie Decorating

December 12, 2012

If you can't tell, I love Christmas. Since I started my holiday baking tradition back in 2003, I've always dreamt of having a cookie decorating party. Even though I've only had one in the past 9 years, I was proud of the lil shindig I threw for my friends a few years ago. 

From 2008-2011, I was a resident of Miami Beach and had the tiniest kitchen ever, fully equipped with a 5-inch wide sink and absolutely no countertops. Granted it was free housing that came with the lovely fellowship I had, I found ways to make it work. (There were the occasional times I had to scrub my dishes in the tub. Oh the memories...). 
seriously, this was my kitchen for 3 years
Sometimes it's hard to believe that I baked all the time in this tiny kitchen. Mainly cupcakes were baked here but also the many Christmas Cookies that were made for the Cookie Party.

How to Throw a Christmas Cookie Decorating Party:
1. Bake dozens of the best sugar cookies *(see note below)
2. Don't forget to use cute Christmas Cookie Cutters. Target has a nice pack of 12 for a reasonable price.
3. Make several bowls of this cookie glaze in different colors and set out Christmas themed sprinkles.
4. Don't forget cheap tablecloths, plates, napkins, & knives for for applying the glaze.
5. Serve with milk, coffee, booze, or if you are lucky like me, have a friend make a ton of milk shakes (thanks, Bob).
6. Play your favorite Christmas playlist. Just don't play any Michael Buble for the sake of keeping your friendships intact.
some of my favorites
7. Have fun! 

The end results from Cookie Party 2009 (some of my friends got really creative):
* OR you can skip the sugar cookies and bake this gingerbread cookie recipe and use royal icing or Paula Deen's simple icing recipe
On a side note: While I do miss Miami and my friends, I don't think I miss the palm trees + Christmas decorations. Something didn't feel quite right about it. 

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