It's National Cupcake Day!

December 15, 2012

I feel a sense of obligation to partake in National Cupcake Day, whether it is by baking and/or buying cupcakes. For the past few days I debated on whether or not to bake cupcakes. Maybe I overdid my cupcake baking a few years ago because now it just feels so labor intensive and high maintenance.

A few days ago, I came up with the perfect solution when I googled "cupcake for one." I didn't know if it was possible but if anyone would have the answer, google would!

I was taken to a recipe for Cupcakes for Two, close enough.

I added some Christmas Sprinkles on top and voila, had myself a festive cupcake ten days before Christmas.
As for taste, I flubbed my dub on this recipe. I didn't whip up the egg whites well enough and let's just say that was disastrous for flavor. If I feel up to making a very tiny batch of cupcakes again, I'll give these one another go. There definitely is some potential if made correctly. And there really was just enough batter for two cupcakes.

So there they are, my cupcakes for cupcake day. (And here was last year's celebratory cupcake).


(As for a small batch of frosting, that was a lil tricky, hence the lack of pretty and abundant frosting on top of these cupcakes. I really pared down this recipe and was a lil hazy on the ratios. Trial and Error.).

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