February 3, 2013

When In Buffalo...

I kept my promise! Last year I tried a Buffalo Chicken cupcake at a Super Bowl Party and then vowed to make them for Super Bowl 2013. Well...here they are...
And they're just as good as I remembered.  A lil sweet, a lil spicy, a lil stinky cheesy, and miraculously delicious.

The cake is actually made with Frank's Hot Sauce and blue cheese and topped with a blue cheese frosting. All the fixings for Buffalo Wings.
I even made wings! (Super easy)
Yes, I know the idea of these cupcakes is pretty unappetizing. But the creator of the recipe describes them as an appetizer cupcake with the sweetness of cornbread. I would say savory sweet. Trust me, they are tasty! Make them for your next party or rainy/snowy day.
So, Go Cubs! I mean, uh...

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