Spring Break OH-THIRTEEN, Part 1

March 27, 2013

It's my first spring break in five years, but then again, you don't really need spring break if you're living in Florida. After a return to snow, icy temperatures and winter gear this year, I'm ready for a change in scenery, even if it doesn't involve palm trees and sandy beaches.

I decided with my week off from work I would return home to Chicago for a few days with the fam and then head to NYC to celebrate a big birthday for my friend Stacey.

Home involved eating way too much in just three days and of course some quality time with my lil niece, Sophie.
After an outing at one of my favorite new Korean restaurants in the burbs, Ttowa, Sista Min and I found a nearby cake bakery and sampled one of their cupcakes.

The Bakery: Evol Cakes Bakery. Each of their cupcakes is $2.35 and they have about 8 flavors daily. None of the flavors really jumped out at us but we decided to get a Chocolate Chip Cupcake (after no help for a recommendation from the lady behind the counter. this happens to me often and I really think that if I worked at a bakery, I would be more than excited to recommend flavors to customers).
located at: 3 West Davis Street, Arlington Heights, Illinois
As for the cupcake, it was bland, not too sweet and a lil dry. The actual cake part had chocolate chips baked in and also had chips on top of a buttercream frosting. It's kind of sad that the best part for me was the chocolate chips. Totally mediocre across the board. Easy to finish since the family split our one cupcake five ways. Ha!
So I'm off to NYC for the next four days. Can't wait to explore the city for tasty food, delicious cupcakes and fun sites with some of my favorite people.

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