Desserts in a Cup

March 17, 2013

I've explored smaller-portioned desserts previously with 2 Minute Mug Cake and Cupcakes for Two. Both were not that stellar but I love the concept. For single dwellers like me, sometimes a whole batch of cookies is not a good idea.
My sistas found a blog (no. 2 pencil) that has a whole section of single serving desserts from a recipe for two chocolate chip cookies to desserts in a mug. I decided to test out two of her recipes: chocolate chip cookie in a cup and microwave brownie in a cup.
Both were perfectly delicious. The cookie version has less sugar and butter so you don't have to feel as guilty eating that dessert. I found that they weren't super sweet and were reminiscent of warm cookie dough, yum! 
They hit the spot for when I need a quick sugar fix and when I'm in the mood for something super tasty. Warm up to a sweet mug dessert! 

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