Tuesday Things

March 5, 2013

1. Leftovers: I know many of you may not have leftover wine but in case you do, don't toss it! Make a low maintenance red wine cake from smitten kitchen, topping optional. Moist and delicious with a touch of cinnamon.
2.  Here's another recipe to put those Chinese ingredients to use (chili bean paste, Sichuan peppercorns, Shaoxing Wine): Dan Dan Noodles, a staple of Sichuan street food. Noodles topped with crunchy seasoned meat and spicy chili oil. I even put the leftover meat topping on rice the next night, just as tasty.
3. I have a silly desire to acquire tons of glasses, since I am an everyday glasses wearer. I've been on the hunt for my next pair. It's not an easy task with my Asian nose so I tried out at home try-ons from Warby Parker and Glasses.com. You get about a week to try on 5 pairs for free. Pretty fun. I'd recommend Warby Parker since most their glasses are $95 and they donate a pair to those in need. However, their glasses were a no-go for me (see below).
wayfarers are not for everyone, yikes
4. It's March and we're inching closer to Spring! But I'm getting kind of sick of my winter get-up.


  1. Hey, we miss you in Sarasota! When I lived in the frozen north, by the time March rolled around I would set dates to be done with certain items of clothing. Weather be damned, by the 10th - no more wool sweaters...by the 20th - no more giant parka. I probably wore layers and layers of fleece but it was a small victory.

  2. Hi Claudia! I miss all of you in Sarasota too. I could really use the beach right now. I'll try your trick on weaning off the cold weather clothes. Hopefully my down coats won't need to be used soon!