Another One Bites The Dust

March 8, 2013

My cupcake hunting in Buffalo hasn't been going strong these days. Maybe it's because I know I'll live here at least through the summer so that gives me a few more months to fully explore and cupcake. Plus, there aren't that many bakeries to go to, so I want to keep my cupcaking spread out over the year.

Today my friend forwarded me an article telling me one of Buffalo's cupcake bakeries was closing its doors. I wasn't sure exactly when it would officially close so I quickly headed out to Zillycakes today, which is (was) located only a mile away from me (no long trek needed).
located at: 1008 Elmwood Ave, Elmwood Village, Buffalo, New York
Even after a very filling Indian Buffet lunch, nothing was going to stop me getting a Zillycakes cupcake. Lucky for me, it was still opened until tomorrow!

I wasn't the only person who scrambled to the bakery to get one last cupcake. The small store was pretty packed. I ordered a Chocolate Stout with Guinness Cake, filled with a Baileys cream topped with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting. (I'm not actually sure if that's what I officially ordered but that is the gist of it). And I even got a choice of a topping so I got festive clover sprinkles. My specialty cupcake was $3.50 but basic flavors are $3 and classic flavors are $3.25.
It took another eight hours until I was hungry enough to eat the cupcake (Indian buffet can do that to you). It was delicious and surprisingly not too sweet even with frosting, filling and sprinkles. I don't know if I tasted the stout in the cake but with a punch of Baileys, it elevated a plain, super moist chocolate cupcake into a tasty perfectly moist chocolate cupcake.

It's really too bad Zillycakes is closing its doors but another cupcake bakery will be taking its place soon. Oooo, that gives me some more cupcakes to eat!

On a side note: This is the second Buffalo Cupcake Bakery to close in a few months. The Buffalo Cakery I visited on my birthday closed way back in December.

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