The Perfect Pair

April 11, 2013

Being cooped up indoors for the winter made me want to bring some excitement into my life. Ok, this might not be super fascinating but I embarked on a glasses hunt by the way of at home try-ons.
they come in this nifty package, five at a time
There are several websites devoted to this such as Warby Parker (hipster glasses for $95), Fetch, Bon Look, Rivet and Sway, to name a few. Those websites are all basically the same: several price points and their own brand of eyewear; however, they're not really for everyone. If you are the owner of a flat Asian nose, you know that finding a pair of glasses that fit can be somewhat of a hard task.

I steered towards since they have a broader range of glasses but they are more expensive than the other websites.

So after five different packages and 23 different pairs of glasses (I got some repeats), I finally found a pair!
Can you guess which ones? The winning pair: the ones in the center.

After some adjustments from a local eye care place, I'm settling into my new pair. Would I do this again? Maybe for fun but after visiting the local eye place today, I realize there's no replacement for in-person help from a professional. And it's always good to support local businesses!

So, if you wanna receive free packages and try out some frames, then at home try-ons are a good way to try on a bunch of different glasses to see what works for you. (You get 5-7 days with the frames).

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