Coffee + Cupcakes

June 15, 2013

Now that the weather is perfect here in Buffalo, I try to walk around and enjoy my neighborhood. Elmwood Village is home to a plethora of eclectic shops, restaurants and good people watching. If I feel super lazy, I try to get myself out of the house with a walk to a local favorite, Spot Coffee.
765 Elmwood Ave, Elmwood Village, Buffalo, New York
Spot Coffee was a favorite of mine when I was in college in Rochester. I'm so glad it's here in Buffalo too so I can get a quick lunch, tasty pastries or (decaf) coffee. Little did I know, they also sell cupcakes. I asked if they were baked on the premises and found out they were made from Wedding Cakes in Rochester, NY.

There were three flavors available that day: red velvet, vanilla and peanut butter mousse. I went the "adventurous" route and ordered the peanut butter mousse.
The cupcake was a little on the dry side and had a tower of frosting covering the cake. After a few bites, the poor cupcake got too top heavy and toppled over on my plate. The frosting was a bit too sweet but a sip of my iced coffee came to the rescue. Maybe the trick is to have coffee alongside my cupcake every time. Each cupcake is $2.95.

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