Food Truck Happy Hour

June 20, 2013

I never thought of food truck and happy hour being combined together, but it's totally genius and a marriage between two of my favorites.  (I love food trucks because they offer eclectic and unique menu options and as for happy hour, who doesn't love drinking in the early evening). As I settle into my first summer in Buffalo, I'm slowly learning about the great summer offerings the city has.

Food Truck Tuesdays at Larkin Square actually first started a few weeks ago. From 5-8pm every Tuesday in the summer, Larkin Square welcomes Buffalo's food trucks to their quaint outdoor space. It has plenty of seating, covered dining areas and even a bar to get beer & wine. I fell in love immediately.
My friends and I picked the perfect night to go: a breezy, cool evening to enjoy our fun food truck finds. (I've had food truck food in steamy Houston summer weather. Absolutely too hot to stand near a truck that cooks food). I was overwhelmed with my options but decided to sample a slider from the Knight Slider and a lentil sandwich from Amy's Truck, a truck that serves mostly vegetarian options (totally forgot to take a pic).
Friends also ordered some lemon-parsley fries from Knight Slider and krazy korn from Buffalo's favorite Lloyd's Taco Truck (corn on the cob with chili-garlic butter). I can't wait to visit again to try out the other trucks such as a hot dog truck, dessert truck (no cupcakes that night) and many more.
And you can't beat the hula hoops that are laid out on the lawn for all the visitors of Larkin Square. I discovered I'm a better hula hooper than I remember.

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