Erin Was Here

July 5, 2013

I'm having a few visitors this summer who are some of my favorite people. Visits usually mean I have to expand my belly so we can go on eating adventures throughout the city. 

Last weekend Erin came to visit me! Last year she would go on my many cupcaking ventures when I lived in Houston (6 out of my 19 places). We both share a love for food, food and food. 

With a new cupcake bakery in my neighborhood, Erin found herself on yet another cupcake adventure. We headed to Firefly Cupcakes, which took over the space that belonged to the recently closed Zillycakes. We ordered their peppermint + chocolate cupcake called the Peppermint Case, which was $2.99 and also the cutest cupcake that looked like a push-pop, which was $3.00.
located at: 1008 Elmwood Ave, Elmwood Village, Buffalo, New York
It was the most tastefully decorated cupcake I've seen yet. It was topped with half a peppermint patty and sprinkled with edible glitter. But looks can be deceiving. Underneath its beauty was a pretty bad cupcake. First there was too much frosting; it was gritty and too sweet. My mouth quivered at its shocking sweetness. Both Erin and I yelped and groaned at the same time. Minus the frosting, the cake was ok. It wasn't springy moist but rather fudgy, like a brownie. When eaten with a tiny bit of frosting, the flavor was decent.
I have a friend in town that has enjoyed cupcakes from Firefly. But I have this theory that if a bakery or restaurant is good, all items on the menu should be good. I don't want to blame it on my usual I-ordered-the-wrong-thing but shouldn't everything be tasty? 
Anyway, the push-cake was a super cute idea: a somewhat messy-free dessert inside a cute container. Well, after one bite, I wasn't able to eat the cake. It was just bad. Too sweet, oddly dense and not tasty at all.

Minus the bad goodies from Firefly, I'd say we had a good time eating our way through Buffalo. Wings, champong, sushi, a somewhat healthy whole wheat cinnamon roll and even some Tim Horton's (Erin's really a Canadian so I brought a little bit of Canada to her in Buffalo).

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