Farewell Google Reader

June 27, 2013

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I'm not sure how many of you were loyal Google Reader (RSS Feed) users but in just a few days, it is shutting down and breaking the hearts of many. I can't even begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed  reading blogs daily through Google Reader. (I know at least 7 of you have used it subscribing to my blog. Thanks to my small following).

I'm a reader of food, fashion and DIY blogs and even one devoted to one of the cutest cats ever, Maru.
One thing that I haven't found in the substitutions (and I'm trying out as many as I can) is the lovely search option. Let's say I want to cook something with my new cast-iron skillet that I bought yesterday, I type in cast iron into the search bar and voila, tons of results. (The results aren't only of the titles of posts but all text within the posts).
Anyway, so far I've downloaded Feedly into my Google Chrome and added an extension of feeder to my web browser. I'm also trying out BlogLovin today. This webpage lists some popular replacements. There are even some available for a small fee.

So far, not super impressed with any of my new options. Although Feedly is super fancy looking. 

Until then, I'll be coping with the loss of a daily fix. Maybe I'm not good with change but sometimes it's hard to let go of a good thing. Bye Bye Google Reader! 

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