Home Sweet Chicago

August 28, 2013

After a month at home in Chicago, I've finally made my way back to Buffalo. I'm back to cooking my own meals (only cooked ONCE while I was gone and it was dinner for Big Sista and her hubby). I still find myself thinking about all the tasty food I had during my vacation in Chicago.

Little Goat Diner: Bull's Eye French Toast-sweet onion brioche with an egg tucked inside, topped with crispy chicken, strawberries and bbq maple syrup
So. Delicious. The runny egg inside the toast was a bit of a surprise but the combination of chicken, the savory brioche and sweet syrup was sweet and savory at its best. For those of you who don't know, this is the second restaurant from Top Chef Chicago winner Stephanie Izard that opened its doors less than a year ago.

Glazed and Infused Doughnuts: Creme Brulee and Lemon Buttermilk Bar
I purchased two giant doughnuts from the year old Chicago doughnut shop. I had high hopes to get my hands on their maple bacon long john but they were sold out by the time I arrived in the afternoon. Inventive flavors and pretty tasty too.

Chef Ping: Gan Pong Chicken Wings
Chinese chicken wings in all their glory: garlicky, soy sauce-y, spicy and crispy.  Jeannette came to visit me and I took her to a family favorite spot. We couldn't pass up these wings.

Crosby's Kitchen: Skillet Cornbread
A little spicy and served with maple butter. Yum. 

Crepe Bistro: Martinis and Crepes
Met my friend Val for dinner and drinks here. It was a cute spot in the Loop with cheap drinks and fun food. 

Michael's Hot Dogs: A Charred Chicago Dog
Decided not to go to the usually route by going to Portillo's and found myself with a tasty Chicago dog. But really, it would take a lot to mess one of these up, or maybe just ketchup

And finally, Sista Min and I discovered our town's Farmers Market. Buffalo Grove and a lot of the Northwest Suburbs are home to many farms so naturally it would make sense to have a Farmers Market. This one started a few years ago but the Chungs are super lazy on Sundays. It took us until this summer to go but only once.
There was a good variety of vendors: organic meats, baked goods, cheese, mini donuts and of course fruits and veggies. 

On a side note:  During Week Three of my trip, I found myself with absolutely no appetite. It's never happened to me before but I'm guessing it was my body's way of telling me I simply had eaten too much food. I suppose this entry could have been longer had that not happened. Don't worry, I'm back to normal now. 

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