Itty Bitty Cakes

August 24, 2013

Mini Cupcakes. You'd be surprised how infrequent I actually find them. Bakeries that offer tiny cupcakes usually ask for orders to be made in advance. I personally think they're fantastic. They are the perfect size, a one or two biter. But since they're so teeny, it's easy to overbake them, resulting in a dry mess.

Little did I know I would find myself eating mini cupcakes at two different bakeries this past week.

On the way to getting a bubble tea afternoon fix with Sista Min (she's obsessed with Chai Tea Bubble Tea at Liquid Fusion), I made a quick stop to a new cupcake bakery in the nearby suburb  of Lincolnshire. Swirlcup is a froyo and cupcake shop but after seeing what most people were buying, I'm guessing most people just want the froyo.
located at: 255B Parkway Drive, Lincolnshire, Illinois
Mondays are Mini Mondays. Swirlcup sells only minis for $1. I didn't think this would be an accurate tasting of their cupcakes but got myself one confetti cupcake to go with my fruit freeze from Liquid Fusion.
I found it hard to finish the tiny mini. Not much to say: not good but not horrible. Just blah. I did love my honeydew + lychee drink. Super refreshing and delicious.

A couple days later, I made a trip down to Bloomington, Illinois to go visit Big Sista and Baby Sophie. Big Sista has been raving about her new local cupcake bakery and bought a box of six mini cupcakes for us to sample. Sugar Mama Bakery also had regular-sized cupcakes alongside the minis. Regular cupcakes are $3.50 and minis are $1.75.
located at: 405 N. Main Street, Downtown, Bloomington, Illinois
We decided on almond joy, chocolate hoo-hah, key lime, birthday cake, peanut butter cup, and salted caramel. I sampled only three of them (key lime, almond joy and peanut butter cup) and really enjoyed them all.
They were moist, tasty, not too sweet and perfect size. Almond joy was my favorite. The coconut frosting underneath the chocolate topping was a delicious addition to the cake. Surprisingly, these cupcakes weren't too sweet. I was anticipating a shock of sweetness but was happy to be proven wrong.
I'm glad Big Sista and family have a good cupcake place in town since I wasn't too impressed with some cupcakes there last year.

I'm headed back to Buffalo soon so I'm glad I got to spend some extra time with my cute, little niece.

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