DIY Holiday Gifts

November 19, 2013

Holiday Season is approaching! 2013 was the year I became a DIY convert. If you are like me and enjoy adding a personal touch to gifts, here are some DIY Holiday Gift Ideas (and they aren't so labor intensive, if you suffer from laziness like me):

Color Block Wooden Spoons-
I made these last Christmas for friends and family. They're super easy to make and they add some nice flair to one's kitchen. Follow the how-to in the above link but be sure to add some Mod Podge as a finish so the paint won't come off from washing.

Chalkboard Mugs-
I had fun around Valentine's Day making these for my family. Buy some chalkboard paint, white mugs and chalk and even decorate with a cute holiday message.

Homemade Cards-
The above were my homemade Valentines but replace the hearts with some holly or snowflakes and you instantly have Holiday Cards. 

For the ginger lovers in your life. Perfect for cocktails and homemade ginger ale. 

Other ideas from the web:
Chocolate Coconut Sugar Scrub-An exfoliant that's good for your skin and smells great too. 
Homemade Vanilla Extract-A great gift for bakers. 
Infused Olive Oils-Customize the olive oils based on your loved one's tastes. 
Tin Candles-Save those Altoid containers and make some candles. 

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