November 23, 2013

After suggesting some DIY gift ideas this week, I thought I'd do my first Giveaway with a package of some of the DIY gifts (plus a bonus mystery goody).

If you want some free swag for yourself or to re-gift to others for the holidays, you have three options:
1. Leave a comment below (leave your email address, please)
2. Like or Comment on this post on Facebook  
3. Follow me on Instagram or like/comment on the picture for the giveaway.

Feel free to say "hello," or "me want free stuff" or whatever floats your boat.

Deadline: December 1. 

I'll pick a winner at random and notify the winner, so make sure I can contact you. The goodies will be sent before Christmas (sorry they won't be in time for Hanukkah).


  1. Are there any lil adventurous "turkey got away" entree recipes?

  2. I'm no pro at Thanksgiving dinner but this blog has some good looking recipes!