I Heart Polka Dots

December 10, 2013

Polka Dots: my current obsession in my wardrobe and life.

When I saw this DIY tutorial for Polka Dot Dinner Napkins, I was immediately intrigued. But since it is so rare for me to entertain people in my tiny apartment and the thought of even using cloth napkins on that occasion is so beyond fancy, I thought I would transfer the idea onto kitchen towels. In the Chung household, we discovered over Thanksgiving that you can never have too many kitchen towels.
All you need are three items and you're set to make super cute napkins/cloths. Target sells plain, white kitchen towels and also plain dinner napkins.

And if you happen to have that plain paper that stores use to wrap up your fragile items, use it to make some polka dotted holiday wrapping paper.
Who knew that a pencil eraser was the perfect-sized circle for crafting and creating polka dots?
So here's another DIY holiday gift idea or a way to spruce up any random items laying around your house:
How to Polka Dot Fabric/Paper/Wrapping Paper/etc. adapted from freutcake
Supplies Needed:

  • A pencil with a fresh eraser
  • Fabric Paint/Acrylic Paint---gold is pretty festive for this time of year. 
  • Kitchen Cloth/Cloth Napkins/Paper

1. Protect table with newspaper or cardboard since the paint will bleed. Unfold fabric/paper onto protected surface.
2. Dip eraser into paint and then stamp onto desired surface.
3. Haphazardly stamp or space each dot evenly. Alternate spacing by rows (place a polka dot in next row where an empty space was previously).
4. Let paint dry, 4 hours for fabric paint.