Curation Station: My Favorite Blogs Edition

January 21, 2014

Every morning, I wake up and get excited to check out what my Feedly has in store for me. New recipes, pretty pictures of food, stylish clothes I may never be able to pull off, etc. So in case you want to spend even more time on the interwebs, here are some fun blogs to check out! 

1. Serious Eats This is my all-time favorite food website for fun articles (they do the best food tests), restaurant reviews of places I live nowhere near and almost always good recipes (there was the mishap with certain muffins last week that both Big Sista and I made--they turned out pretty gnarly). A great resource for all things food.

2. Freutcake Pretty food pics, great DIY tutorials and other fun girly stuff.

3. 17 and Baking Usually I don't read the context of most of the blogs I subscribe to (I won't be hurt if you do the same to me) but this girl can write! She doesn't update much since she's in the throes of college but her thoughtful insights on life and food are a great read. (And makes me feel like I can't write real good).

4. How Sweet It Is Another me fact: I save recipes for later but rarely do I actually make them. But I have made the most recipes from this blog out of all the recipes I've saved and they're all super tasty. She has a love for Brussels Sprouts and sprinkles, but I'm pretty sure not combined. Or maybe she has put them together? Whether it be a recipe for fish or cookies, all have been super duper.

5. Extra Petite This is the only fashion blog I read regularly because most other bloggers wear clothes I can only dream about buying. This blog is for petite ladies in the workforce but since I don't have a real dress code at work, I admire her more casual outfits that come from stores I actually frequent.

6. My Name is Yeh First I followed her adventures living in NYC and now she bakes and cooks on a farm up in North Dakota. Her recipes are creative (recently she made scallion pancake challah) and her blurbs on food and life are a fun read.

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