Bring On The Kale

February 15, 2014

Trips to the grocery store after vacations usually involve me loading my cart with veggies. I never eat much veggies on vacation and am always in search of a heavy vegetable diet post-trip. This recent grocery store trip, after basking in the glow of Florida for a week, involved purchasing kale. Kale screamed this is super healthy for you, so in my cart it went.

I wanted to recreate a Kale Caesar Salad I had while visiting Sista Min in Grand Rapids over the holidays. Use this recipe, which is great for those of you who may be scared to make caesar dressing since it usually requires raw eggs (I'm a little freaked out too). The addition of Greek Yogurt brings on more healthiness and also a crispy topping of Panko brings an extra special texture to the salad. It also has a good amount of garlic and cheese: two ingredients of which you can never have too much.

Yum, can't wait to eat more tomorrow.
Kale Caesar Salad
  • use this recipe for Greek Yogurt Caesar dressing
  • rinse and cut out center stalk of Lacinato (aka Dino or Tuscan) kale, then chop or tear into small pieces
  • pour dressing on top of prepared kale
  • top with a little bit of Panko bread crumbs
  • enjoy!

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