Cupcakes to the Rescue, Part II

February 18, 2014

When your day turns a little sour, the only way to turn it around is with a little pick-me-up. I think it's no surprise that I turned to cupcakes to treat to myself after a couple of bumps in the road today (this isn't the first time I found solace in cupcakes).

In reality, life isn't bad. When all you can be upset about is the loss of an inanimate object, then the world isn't crumbling. That being said, I was a little distraught after realizing I lost my favorite reusable grocery bag. But it wasn't just any grocery bag; it was a super big one that was a gift from Paris from Sista Min five years ago. It fit a ton of stuff, was super cute (had cats on it) and can't be found here in the U.S. I was a total space cadet the other day at the grocery store and forgot to take it out of my cart. So the chances of finding it four days later were pretty slim.

Anyway with that loss and also forgetting to bring along stuff that I needed to run an errand, I decided, screw this, I'm getting a cupcake. I turned my car in the opposite direction and headed towards a bakery that I knew was nearby.

Delish! is one of Buffalo's favorite bakeries. It is also home to my first cooking class a few years ago. Although the class wasn't hands on, I totally loved it. The place is part bakery, part kitchen store, part cooking classroom.
located at: 414 Amherst St, Black Rock, Buffalo, New York
As soon as I stepped inside the bakery today, I was greeted with the pleasant aroma of freshly baked chocolate goodies. It was heavenly. There was an array of cupcake flavors ranging from simple (vanilla) to unique (cannoli). I decided to go for unique and ordered the cannoli cupcake. Each cupcake is $2.75.
As soon as I got home, I immediately went in for a bite of the cupcake. It seemed a little cold (it appeared to have been in refrigeration) so I let it sit on my counter while I made some lunch. After some time, I went in for the kill. The cupcake was fluffy and a little tangy from the cheese (mascarpone?) in the frosting. It was tasty but something seemed to be missing. It didn't fully scream cannoli to me. So I googled cannoli and realized that chocolate chips were the missing ingredient. While there were chocolate sprinkles and what appeared to be chocolate bits on the sides of the cupcake, it wasn't enough to have a fully present flavor of chocolate.

Frosting was good and even helped masked a little dryness in the cake. I devoured it quickly even after a filling lunch. Even though it wasn't an OMG AMAZING cupcake, the pretty good cupcake from Delish! helped me realize that losing a grocery bag isn't the worst thing in the world. I'm such a drama queen....

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  1. Thanks for the idea. I'm so bummed today over stupid stuff my only recourse was going to be a stiff shot of scotch. I hardly ever drink, and I don't want to do it. This time of night, I don't think I can find a good cupcake place in st pete even if one exists. I'm so desperate that I will go to Publix and get the best approximation of a cupcake they have, maybe two. Go to hell, Kafka.