Curation Station-Snow/Rainy Day Edition

February 19, 2014

1. Binge-Watch: Late Night Cafeteria on YouTube. It's a segment that's part of the Korean Talk Show Happy Together. Guests bring in an original late-night snack that's cheap and easy to make. It's totally addicting and hilarious to watch the guests' reactions to the food. And you may find yourself going into your own kitchen to create a crazy concoction worthy of Late Night Cafeteria.

2. Pamper Yourself: I'm obsessed with these Korean Face Masks. They're great for hydration during dry, winter months. There is a variety of masks available: collagen, soothing aloe, royal jelly, etc. Just unfold the paper mask onto your face and relax for 20-30 minutes. They're soothing and cheap.

3. Read: The Happiness Project is an inspiring and fun read. Follow Gretchen Rubin as she takes on the task to bring more happiness into her life by bringing upon changes, big and small. Although I've never written out my own Happiness Project, I find myself making little resolutions from time to time, like trying a new vegetable or promising to never go to sleep with a sink filled with dirty dishes. I actually do feel a tinge of happiness when I keep my resolutions.

4. Browse: Mental Floss, the other BuzzFeed. I love reading lists like 32 Famous People Rejected from SNL. Get lost for hours on this site.

5. Listen: My favorite podcast is of a local Chicago radio show. Nick Digilio loves food, horror movies and all things pop culture (me too!). He's kind of crazy and obnoxious but I love listening to his hilarious rants on random trivia.

6. Work It: When the weather isn't cooperative with my exercising moods, I turn to Ms. Michaels for a quick but intense workout. I'm a fan of her 30 Day Shred. All you need is a pair of hand weights (or two bottles of water) and you're ready to work up a good sweat.

7. Relax: Soak in a cake-scented bubble bath. This Philosophy bubble bath is also a shampoo and shower gel, all rolled into one. And an added bonus: there's an actual recipe to bake vanilla birthday cake on the bottle. There are other food-flavored scents available. My personal favorite is Peppermint Bark.

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