I Heart Seattle

March 27, 2014

Life took me to Seattle for the weekend and the trip felt like a food vacay, filled with some tasty treats. Some day, I'm going to pack up my stuff and move there just so I can be near my favorite cupcake of all time.
Without further ado, here are some highlights from my trip:

I consulted Yelp for most of my food journeys on this trip. I know some of you are skeptical of tourist traps but I feel like if over a thousand people have reviewed a particular establishment on Yelp, then there must be something special about that place, right?!?

Favorite Breakfast: One of the highest reviewed places on Yelp is Piroshky Piroshky, located in Pike Place Market. Piroshky are Russian hand-held pies that are either savory or sweet. None of their many piroshky looked the same; they can be flaky or bread-roll-like.
I opted for a savory and a sweet and both were incredibly delicious; I'm still craving them now. I got a savory sauerkraut, onion and cabbage piroshky and an apple cinnamon roll. They were both made from yeasted bread that didn't overpower the flavor of the pie but added a delicious, pillowy goodness to the already tasty filling.

Tastiest Little Pie: After watching the Chase Sapphire commercial with Top Chef Seattle Winner, Kristen Kish, I went in search of the famous coconut cream pie she gushed about.
Lucky for me, there was a coconut cream pie bite at the Tom Douglas bakery (the commercial boasted of his Palace Kitchen pie, which is the same) Dahlia Bakery. It was the perfect size for a quick snack and was pretty delicious.

Cheapest Treat: For 75¢, I got a 1 oz shot of drinking chocolate. It was a little spicy, thick, warm and surprisingly not too sweet. The Confectional is known for their cheesecakes, but they offer different sized options of their hot chocolate.
On the Cupcake Hunt: I cannot stop boasting about my favorite cupcake, which is from Seattle's Yellow Leaf Cupcake Co. But I decided to try another cupcake shop in town and headed to Cupcake Royale, located near Pike Place Market. 
located at: 108 Pine Street, Downtown, Seattle, Washington
I loved that the cupcakes didn't have too much frosting but my Toasted Coconut Lime cupcake couldn't measure up to the Pancakes 'N Bacon cupcake from Yellow Leaf. It smelled like a tropical cocktail but the frosting was way too sweet. Their cupcakes are $3.50 each, but also offer minis. 

Other Goodies: I discovered the wonders of a Japanese hot dog from Gourmet Dog Japon: flavorful and delicious! I also ventured to another touristy favorite: Le Panier for their macarons. I was recommended their Passion Fruit macaron and it was super enjoyable. I got my fortune told at the quirky Market Magic Shop and enjoyed a second helping of my favorite cupcake ever. And it was just as good as I remembered (just maybe too much frosting, if I can be a little critical).
 Seattle, I hope we meet again some day!

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