Curation Station: Daily Essentials

April 14, 2014

Because of Sista Min's influence, I've been trying as much as possible to use natural products in my everyday life (She's super gung-ho about all-natural, organic stuff). Here are my favorite daily essentials, a few being great natural products. 

1. Desert Essence's Thoroughly Clean Face Wash is my no. 1, must-use product everyday. My whole family has been converted into devoted users and we all can see a vast improvement in our once acne-prone skin. It always makes my face feel squeaky clean and my skin is now blemish-free. It's cheap and a miracle worker. You can purchase it at the Vitamin Shoppe or even Trader Joe's (their version is labeled as Face Wash with Tea Tree Oil). 

2. Eclectic Institute's Freeze Dried Nettles recently just changed my life forever. I use this herbal pill for my nasal allergies instead of a daily dose of Claritin or Zyrtec (I'm not a fan of taking drugs, especially because of their side effects). Take 2 daily and after a few days, see the changes (it at least took me a couple of days to fully feel the effects). I used to be plagued with horrible sinus pressure and now I feel amazing! And I don't sneeze like crazy at work anymore. (The science behind the nettles is that they block histamines, which are the culprit to terrible allergy symptoms). 

3. Tarte Creaseless Concealer is a good way to brighten up your face by hiding under eye circles. It also is a miracle worker for hiding the hideously large pores on my nose.

4. Lotus Organic Mascara is a great volumizing, thickening mascara, and it's all natural! It even has a sweet scent to it that I don't mind getting a whiff of every morning. Search through daily deal sites like Hautelook or My Habit for sales on Lotus Cosmetics. You can usually buy a pack of 2 mascara for the price of one tube. 

5. H&M Bobby Pins are the best bobby pins. They hold my super thick, slippery Asian hair into place. Lately I've been experimenting with buns and braids---and bobby pins are a must! 

6. J. Crew card holder is perfect for me since I hate carrying around a bulky wallet. This is so small, sturdy and cute (mine's hot pink, from last year). It doesn't weigh down my purse or take up too much space. 

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