Curation Station: Under the Radar

May 14, 2014

Here are some of my favorite, under the radar things. They're fantastic and totally deserve more attention. Check them out! 

1. Hannibal-The NBC tv show, not the film from 2001, is dark, visually stunning, disturbing and brilliant. It follows Hannibal Lecter before the events of Silence of the Lambs. It is pretty food-centric yet stomach churning. I love shows that challenge their audience and this current season is definitely a mind f$%&!

2. Wonderfalls-This was a short-lived tv series that ran in 2004 and only aired for four episodes on FOX. However, it developed a loyal fan base and lives on in its 13 episode Complete Series DVD. It's quirky, hilarious and good fun. It follows the life of an unmotivated post-college graduate who hears voices from inanimate objects. You can watch the unaired pilot and even browse through YouTube for more episodes. Or you can ask me to borrow my DVDs.

3. Run River North-This 6 person indie-folk band made up of young Korean-Americans is on the rise after just releasing their first album. For me to love a band, they have to have fun melodies and a strong lead vocalist and this band has both! I love this music video they shot in their Hondas. Learn more about them on NPR's Here and Now.

4. Feijoa-Here's a pretty unknown fruit in America (it's native to South America but popular in New Zealand) that I first tried 6 years ago when I was in New Zealand. I found one last summer in Buffalo but I didn't exactly wait for it to ripen but when they are ripe, they are a little tangy, sweet and delicious. They are in season from March to July so check out your produce section and try out a feijoa. (They're pretty exotic so they may be difficult to find). Just slice in half like a kiwi and scoop out the flesh and eat (also like a kiwi fruit).

5. Waitress-This indie film from 2007 starring Keri Russell is one of my favorite food movies. It showcases pie throughout the film and has made me yearn to learn how to bake a pie (that day hasn't exactly come yet). It's available for rent on Amazon right now.

6. Silicon Valley-This new HBO series, created by Office Space writer Mike Judge, follows tech nerds as they develop The Next Big Thing in the tech world. I love its awkward, nerdy humor even though I know squat about computer stuff. If you subscribe to HBO (thanks, mom for your HBO subscription), be sure to check it out. Or wait for the first season DVD to come out probably later this year.

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  1. Love the movie Waitress. Of course Nathan Fillion might have something to do with that too.