A Toast to Toast

May 25, 2014

When I found out that there was a bakery in town that basically only serves toast, I was completely baffled yet fascinated with this idea. I mean, toast is simple: some bread, butter and fruit preserves. But to have a whole array of options, I had to try it out for myself.
located at: 426 Rhode Island Street, Westside, Buffalo, New York
Five Points Bakery is a locally sourced bakery that serves as a bakery/small market. I had sampled their amazing whole grain cinnamon rolls from the farmers market last summer but finally got my lazy-ass to their bakery last week. I had a rare morning off when I actually wanted to go out for breakfast and so I got my friend Loren to come along with me for the journey to toast heaven.
behold: the best "healthy" cinnamon roll, ever
There were actually eleven different varieties of toast available that day: a mix of savory, sweet, hearty and spicy. All breads are baked on site and come with toppings of cheese, sauerkraut, fruit spreads, or pickles. Loren and I decided to split a whole wheat cinnamon roll and the multigrain toast which came with farmhouse cheese (cream cheese) and pickled hot peppers. (The toppings are not a pick-your-own deal but rather a set menu with also a set type of bread).
Who would have thought that a combo of pickled peppers and cream cheese on top of a thick cut, hearty multigrain bread would make such a filling and tasty breakfast? The bread was crunchy yet still a little soft on the inside and buttered to perfection. Each toast platter comes with four slices of thickly sliced bread, making this more than enough food for one person.
Don't forget to grab a cinnamon roll as "dessert" or to eat along the toast. They're soft, not too sweet and have a slight hearty whole grain flavor but that's what I love about them.

I can't wait to come back and sample some other toast offerings.

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