Texas Forever

June 11, 2014

I'm on vacation! It has been a somewhat stressful past three months and I finally can now completely unwind for a few weeks. I'm spending the week in Texas and before I went to Houston for my friend Erin's wedding, I made a pitstop to San Antonio to see my other friend (and one of my favorite people), Stacey (Stacey has come with me on several cupcake adventures in the past).

As soon as I stepped outside of the airport in San Antonio, I was hit hard in the face with humidity. Having moved away from Texas two years ago, I forgot just how muggy their summers can be. I fought through the uneasiness of the summer heat to explore the Alamo and Riverwalk.
And while there were no initial plans to get cupcakes (Stacey and I found it way more important to have happy hour), we actually stumbled upon a cupcake bakery right by our happy hour location. Just my luck!
located at: 999 East Basse Road, Lincoln Heights,  San Antonio, Texas
TriniCakes Cupcakery had a quite unique selection of cupcakes available when we patronized the shop just an hour before closing. Two standouts were a sweet potato cupcake and bread pudding. I wasn't sure I could take the risk of trying one that was too "out there" so I went with my gold standard flavor: banana. Stacey, however, did order bread pudding so I could have a taste. Each cupcake is $3.00.
My banana cupcake was moist, flavorful and quite tasty. The only downside was the frosting; it was a tad too sweet. I was pleasantly surprised and glad to have accidentally come across some pretty decent cupcakes. Stacey's bread pudding was more of a spice-filled cake, complete with raisins and coconut baked into the cake. Like my banana, the frosting was also a little too sweet.
So now I'm in Houston, reunited with a few more of my favorite people. I can't wait to eat all the delicious meals waiting for me (Twin Sista never disappoints in taking me to great meals).

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