Food Truck Time

July 16, 2014

I'm always gushing about how much I love food trucks and it still holds true. I'm so excited that a cupcake truck opened this summer in Buffalo, which is perfect timing since I'm making my move to Florida at the end of the summer.

The only downside to food trucks is that if it's super hot outside, then the last thing you want to do is stand near a truck cooking hot food. But since it was such a perfect day out yesterday, I jumped at the chance to go to Buffalo's Food Truck Tuesdays in Larkin Square.
This was my first time going since last summer and oh boy, has it become a huge hit with Buffalonians. The place was packed but lucky for me, I didn't have to wait in line for poutine or a cupcake.

Sassi Cakes is Buffalo's first cupcake food truck and it was just the winner of a local radio cupcake competition, winning the title of Best Cupcake in Western New York.
located at: Larkin Square for Food Truck Tuesdays. 754 Seneca Street, Buffalo, New York
I was immediately intrigued when I saw Girl Scout Cookie listed as a flavor, hoping that it would be my favorite type of girl scout cookie: Samoa (or Caramel deLite). When I asked about the flavor, I found out it was a Samoa cupcake: a chocolate cupcake topped with caramel frosting and coconut. My friend Jenn also ordered a Banana Chocolate Chip, which was perfect since I was also eyeing that flavor. Each cupcake is $3.
This may be a bit premature to say this since I'm not done cupcaking in Buffalo, but this may be my favorite cupcake in Buffalo! It was perfectly moist and wasn't too sweet. All the flavors of my cupcake gelled well together even though it didn't taste entirely of a Samoa Girl Scout Cookie. But seriously, that's the only reason why I didn't give this cupcake a 5 cupcake rating (it had more of a butterscotch flavor rather than caramel. still tasty nonetheless). I cannot wait to hunt down this truck again because I haven't enjoyed a cupcake this good in months.

And Jenn's banana chocolate chip cupcake was just as enjoyable, maybe even more than mine. Hooray for this new cupcake truck and for bringing excellent cupcakes to Buffalo.
I also thoroughly enjoyed my thyme vegetarian poutine from Le Petit Poutine and also some pierogi from the Betty Crockski Polish Food Truck. I hope to go at least one more time to Food Truck Tuesdays so I can sample some Beef on Weck Macaroni and Cheese and more goodies from the inventive food trucks. Buffalo has birthed numerous food trucks in the past year, from pierogi to meatballs to even a Paleo diet truck.

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