Frozen Goodie No. 1

July 8, 2014

It's weird to be writing about frozen summer treats since Buffalo hit a rainy, cold spell today (but I'm definitely not complaining). I decided this was the summer to embark on sorbet/popsicle adventures and the first adventure began by purchasing my first popsicle mold.
I ended up settling on a mini set mold that comes with only 4 popsicle slots. This is perfect for me since I am a single dweller and cannot see myself consuming dozens of popsicles all summer (contrary to most normal humans, I merely like a small sample of sweet treats). The mini size is also an added bonus for my sampling nature and these molds are splendid since they are made of silicon and are reusable (without wasteful popsicle sticks).

In my effort to make a birthday treat for a friend (he's a big fan of salty/sweet desserts), I googled salted caramel brownies and then came across this recipe for salted caramel brownie bite pudding pops. I knew it would be the perfect way to christen my new popsicle molds since I love love love anything in the fudgesicle realm.
So I was a bit resourceful with my recipe making this past week since I made brownies, then turned them into brownie balls when they turned out too flimsy and then saved a little bit for the pudding pops. All in all, they were all pretty delicious and a nice way to cool off from the hot summer day.
Salted Caramel Brownie Bite Pudding Pops adapted from Real Food by Dad

  • use this tasty recipe for salted caramel brownies but make sure to bake them all the way through. I got too antsy and didn't wait long enough (hence the need for brownie balls for the birthday boy). 
  • for my 4 popsicle mold, I made only one pouch of chocolate pudding mix and 1/2 cup broken up brownie pieces (contrary to this recipe) but didn't use all the pudding for the molds. I scooped up pudding to fit the molds and then let freeze for 3-4 hours.
  • next time I would consider making my own pudding since I could definitely taste the not so high quality of chocolate used in my pudding mix but the bites of Ghiradelli chocolate from the brownie bites helped elevate the pudding flavor. 

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