A Quick Trip to Jersey

July 26, 2014

I kept forgetting that I was going to New Jersey for a few days for work and now the trip has come and gone. Even though it was brief and initially I wasn't getting too enthusiastic about the trip, all in all it was a nice change of scenery.
I was in the classy part of Jersey: Princeton. The town was filled with prepsters (see pic below) and fancy cars. And the campus was filled with Harry Potter-esque looking buildings. So is that what it's like to be at an Ivy League school?
I made sure I had a chance to sample at least one cupcake on this quick trip. Even though the award-winning Princeton cupcake bakery, House of Cupcakes, was temporarily closed due to a fire a few months back, I found a cupcake inside a ice cream shop, The Bent Spoon.
located at: 35 Palmer Square West, Princeton, New Jersey
The Bent Spoon focuses on local and quality ingredients. I seemed to be the misfit on that hot summer day since I was the only one in the shop ordering a cupcake. They only have two flavors of cake and frosting available: chocolate and vanilla. I decided on a vanilla cake with chocolate frosting. Each big cupcake is $2.25, while their minis are only $1.25.
This was a fairly decent cupcake. It just wasn't fluffy/moist enough and a little on the sweet side. But it was good enough for me to completely devour the cupcake. If I ever find myself in Princeton again, I hope I can sample a cupcake from the House of Cupcakes. Until next time, Jersey.

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