The One That Didn't Get Away

August 20, 2014

While I just stated in my last post that I went to my last bakery in Buffalo, I'm stretching my cupcake hunt a little further to Rochester since I visited the city numerous times in the past two years.

Dolce Cupcakery has been on my radar ever since I moved back to the Western New York region but I never could seem to visit the bakery easily. It was closed on Musicians' Weekend (Sunday/Monday) or was unexpectedly closed (there are two locations and somehow neither would cooperate with me). However, I wasn't going to let these cupcakes slip through my fingers on this last visit to Rochester.
located at: 693 Park Ave, Rochester, New York
I wasn't exactly in the cupcaking mood on this trip since the last two bakeries in the past week were not stellar. I even kept avoiding the cupcake after purchasing it because I thought I was officially cupcake'd out. 

But the friendly employee of the bakery seemed thrilled to help me pick out a cupcake. They had about six flavors available and each cupcake is $2.95. I opted for their only cream cheese frosting topped cupcake of the day: Momma Bear: a devil's food cake topped with cream cheese frosting and a maraschino cherry. (It basically looked like how every illustrated depiction of a cupcake would look like). 
After I finally mustered up enough appetite to sample the cupcake, I realized how glad I was I did. It was so perfect and helped restore my faith in the little cake again. Completely delicious! 

It was perfectly moist, not too sweet, a little tangy from the cream cheese and so delightful. My only complaint: it had a little too much frosting that kept hitting my nose each time I took a bite. 

So with this stellar cupcake, I'll end my cupcake hunting in Western New York on a high note. Cheers!

(Now I just have to pack up my tiny apartment by Sunday. Then off to Chicago I go for the next month). 

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