The Last Buffalo Cupcake

August 14, 2014

I've completed my Buffalo Cupcake List! The last bakery was a little trickier to go to than I originally thought. Everyday Gourmet opened up its second location in my neighborhood of Elmwood Village a few months ago. But every time I stopped by the bakery, it was closed. I actually left Everyday Gourmet last on the list thinking it would be the easiest to go to (wishful thinking). 

But when I happened to be in the city of Niagara Falls for a wedding last weekend, I decided to finally cross the bakery off the list by visiting their first location in Niagara Falls. I asked for a recommendation since there was quite a variety of cupcakes available that day. The employee, without hesitation, recommended the Dalmatian cupcake: a chocolate chip cake topped with chocolate chip cream cheese frosting. Each cupcake is $2.85. I also ordered a Boston Cream cupcake since it caught my eye and thought the Special Friend would want to help me sample cupcakes from the bakery. 
located at: 502 Cayuga Drive, Niagara Falls, New York
The Dalmatian cupcake was fairly tasty but also fairly sweet. The cake was dry but the chocolate chips help mask this problem. The Boston Cream cupcake was definitely more moist but also way too sweet. I had high hopes since I love Boston Cream Pie but this cupcake didn't live up to my expectations. 

Although the cupcakes from Everyday Gourmet made for a mediocre ending to my cupcaking in Buffalo, it wasn't representative of my entire cupcake experience in the city these past two years. It definitely was a better cupcake hunt than Houston (and the cupcakes were cheaper too!). 

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