Curation Station: Scary Movie Fest

October 20, 2014

I have always been a huge horror movie fan. In recent years, I have a little horror fest of my own every Halloween. Cozy up and freak out watching some scary movies this Halloween season. Here are some of my all-time favorites. 

1. The RingSeven Days... The premise is a little silly: watch a videotape and you die in seven days. But I literally wept during the ending of this movie out of sheer fright. It holds a special place in my heart since there have been few movies to actually make me cry out of fear.

2. Stephen King's It- Another movie to hold a special place in my heart because it scared the crap out of me when I was a young girl at the tender age of seven. I had nightmares for years and even today, seeing the image of Tim Curry as Pennywise is enough to scare the bejeezus out of me. But without seeing this movie, I think I would not have the same passion for horror movies as I do now.

3. You're Next- One of the best scary movies I've seen in recent history. Home invasion is scary enough but it's clever, funny and keeps you on your toes.

4. Shaun of the Dead- Humor, horror and zombies, what more could I ask for?

5. The Omen- A classic and for good reason. I've always found movies with creepy children to be disturbing but entertaining. And after reading about the strange events that occurred during the making of the film, it made me even more spooked.

6. The Others- A ghost story told from a different perspective. It's kind of forgotten today but is still one of my favorites.

7. Dead Alive- Another great combination of horror and humor. It's sometimes so disgusting but you can't help but laugh. Beware of the Sumatran Rat Monkey.

8. Scream- In terms of teen slasher movies, this one is my favorite. It pokes fun at the genre, while still being clever. But I also love watching the many films from the Halloween franchise every year on AMC's FearFest.

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