The Big 1-0-0!

October 18, 2014

It happened: I visited the 100th cupcake bakery since the inception of this blog (June 2011)!
While on a 3+ hour break from work, my friend Jeffrey and I walked around downtown St. Petersburg to check out the bakery, The Cupcake Spot.
located at: 405 Central Ave, Downtown, St. Petersburg, Florida
They had a array of cupcakes available yesterday, many of them being of the chocolate variety. I opted for a fruity Berry Squared cupcake: a strawberry cupcake topped with raspberry cream cheese frosting. Jeffery also chose a fruity cupcake, Lemon Pucker: a lemon cake topped with raspberry cream cheese frosting. Each cupcake is $3.00.
Well, I wish this was a cupcake worthy of this hitting this milestone. It tasted a little artificial and while it was moist, it was borderline gummy. I thought I picked a safe choice by choosing a cream cheese frosted cupcake (cream cheese frosting usually doesn't disappoint) but the frosting was a little goopey and also tasted as artificially fruity as the cake.

Over the last three years, this cupcake hunt has seen its share of mediocre, inedible but also completely delicious cupcakes. The completely delicious cupcakes seem few and far between but when I do stumble upon one, it makes all the less than stellar ones a distance memory.

So as I dive head first into my Tampa Bay cupcaking, I hope I can make this 100th cupcake a distance memory when I find that OMG Amazing cupcake.

(And it looks like more kale salads for me to balance out all these cupcakes...).

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