Settling In

October 8, 2014

The last piece of my apartment puzzle arrived on Monday (a couch) and after many trips to Target and Ikea, I can say I'm finally settled into my new apartment.
This being my fourth move in four years, moving has been exhausting and it takes a while for a new place to finally feel like home. To make my place feel a little homier, the final touches of adding stuff to the walls always does the trick.

And even though I am now in my 30s, I am still living like a college student (still the ever nomad musician). So until I can acquire real grown up furniture and artwork, I'll find a cheaper route to decorate my place.

My friend Loren steered me in the direction of DIY Canvas Art Painting four years ago when we were roomies. My mind was blown and have since found a lovely new hobby. It's easy and maybe you'll find yourself loving it as much as I do. (Disclosure: I may find this easy since I took a couple art classes in high school. But I've been to Paint Nite events in the past and can vouch that everyone left with a real beauty).

All you need is inspiration, some art supplies, and voila, instant art! It's like setting up your own little Painting Event in your place.
Supplies Needed:
Paint Brush Set (a combo with a palette is great!)
Shader Brush
Acrylic Paint Set of 12 Colors
Extra White Paint in Titanium White
Easel (Optional)

1. Line table with newspaper and set up paper towels and a glass of water (for cleaning brushes between colors).
2. Set up canvas and paints. I like to have a smaller brush for outlining like the shader brush from the supplies above. Also extra titanium white paint is a must since it's always the first color to run out.
3. Find inspiration online for artwork you'd like up on your walls (just google or look on etsy). But feel free to use different colors to make it your own. Then just try to replicate the art onto your canvas.
4. Paint away to your hearts desire. Mix paints together to create a whole palette of colors and don't be afraid to blend colors together onto the canvas. Add a drop of water to paint to help loosen it up if it is too thick.
5. Enjoy!
my works of art over the years

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