A Cupcake for Cupcake Day

December 15, 2014

The past three years on National Cupcake Day (December 15, today!), I've had some failed attempts at trying to bake cupcakes. And last year, I avoided the problem by not baking or eating any cupcakes. Well, today, I tried again and only found mediocre results.

Yesterday I went to a local famous European bakery to do some research on the black and white cookie (more on that in the future). Alessi Bakery has been a Tampa Bay staple for over 100 years. On a busy Sunday afternoon, I could really feel the love for this bakery after witnessing crowds of people grabbing seasonal and traditional baked goods. (I even saw a real live fruitcake on display).
located at: 2909 W Cypress Street, West Tampa, Tampa, Florida
With my black and white cookie in tow, I decided I couldn't leave the bakery without a cupcake as well. There were about 5 flavors available yesterday at $2.49 each and I decided to order a plain chocolate cupcake adorned with Christmas-shaped pretzels.
After a busy day, I completely forgot to sample the cupcake and so it greeted me this morning on Cupcake Day, which was so fitting. The cupcake was a triple chocolate attack: chocolate cake, chocolate ganache topped with chocolate frosting. If the pretzels were chocolate covered, it would have been a chocolate overload!

The cupcake was moist but a little to sweet for me. Even after the pretzels helped scrape off most of the frosting, it was still too sweet. Overall flavor was ok but I found myself grabbing the delicious cookie instead.

Regardless of still not sampling a delicious cupcake on National Cupcake Day, I'll enjoy my day thinking about all the great ones I've had over the years.

Happy Cupcake Day!

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