A Quick Adventure Up North

January 21, 2015

Life took me on a brief journey to Milwaukee for a couple of days. I was reunited with my puffy down coat as well as some friends. And we found ourselves on a quick cupcake adventure for my first cupcake in the badger state. 

Classy Girl Cupcakes is Milwaukee's premier gourmet cupcake bakery. They offer a plethora of flavors daily, which include jumbo-filled, vegan, gluten-free and cheesecake. I opted for a regular-sized cupcake and an employee favorite: Cinnamon Pecan French Toast, which was just $2.00. My friends ordered cheesecake cupcakes and also a salted vanilla cupcake, peanut butter chocolate cupcake and even a cupcake mousse parfait! (Prices range from $2-$5).
located at: 825 N Jefferson Street, Downtown, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
We all agreed that the frosting was way too sweet but once most of it was scraped off the cupcake, a tasty cupcake remained. My French Toast cupcake was perfectly moist and the cake was deliciously flavorful. It even had pecans tucked inside the cake and did taste exactly like yummy breakfast. It was too bad that the maple frosting was so shockingly sweet.
It was a fun outing filled with sugary goodies to escape from the wintery day. Thanks friendsies for cupcaking with me! (And I'm glad I was welcomed with the warm Florida sun today). 

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