Raw Treats

April 8, 2015

When three of the members of your Monday Night TV Club are on special diets, it requires some extra brain power to find a good homemade snack to bring for everyone to enjoy. (They're all grain-free).
I usually cheat when I bring mochi desserts since it isn't entirely part of their diet but my friends don't usually hate me if I enable some cheating on their diets. So this past week, I thought I should go to TV club with a guilt-free goodie to accompany us as we journey into Frank Underwood's ruthless world in House of Cards. 

The snack: raw nut and date balls that I like to call Lara Balls, just like Lara Bars but in ball form. 

A food processor or mini chopper is a must have to make these balls. I also tried using my immersion blender for the dates but preferred the consistency from the mini chopper (less goopey). 
These treats are healthy, filling and a dainty little snack. So pack them for your next day at work, a road trip, or a hike.

Raw Fruit & Nut Balls

  • Use this recipe from a pair & a spare
  • Enjoy! 
  • On a side note: raw almonds can be quite noisy in the food processor. I had to wear earplugs! So beware. 

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