Spring Buds

April 12, 2015

Pinterest is a goldmine for inspiration, but I'm sure most of you already know that. It's especially perfect for me when I'm on the hunt for fun crafty projects.

When I found a craft that included mason jars and chalkboard paint, I knew it was a match made in heaven.
The craft: painted mason jar vases---perfect for simple and easy table decor. And these vases can really spruce up your home with pretty spring flowers!
Painted Mason Jar Vase adapted from love of family and home
mason jars (any size)
chalkboard paint
acrylic paint (Americana brand works well on glass)
paintbrush or foam brush
1. Set newspaper onto table. Paint one layer of chalkboard paint onto jars. Let dry for an hour.
2. Once chalkboard paint has dried, paint jar with color of choice of acrylic paint. Let dry for an hour. Add another coat of paint and repeat, making sure to dry between coats until chalkboard paint is no longer visible (Two coats of the acrylic paint worked for me).
3. Once jar has completely dried, take sandpaper and rub over letters on mason jar until chalkboard paint is visible.
4. Fill jars with real or fake flowers.
5. Enjoy!
(Use this guide as a visual tutorial).

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