Perfect Minis

May 28, 2015

The other day, I got an unexpected gift from my two friends, Jeffrey and Randy: two mini cupcakes from the Orlando-based bakery, Sweet By Holly. After a day of walking through Diagon Alley and sampling pumpkin juice at Universal Studios, they decided to stop by Sweet by Holly for a cupcake detour on their way back to St. Petersburg.

Jeffrey had sampled Sweet by Holly's cupcakes in the past and raved about them. Lucky for me, he was so generous to bring me back some. And it happened to be Mini Monday so each cupcake was only $1! My flavors were peanut butter and jelly and banana.
Sometimes I wish cupcakes only came in this mini form; it would then be the ultimate perfect mini treat (a regular sized cupcake is sometimes too big for a quick snack).

These were the perfect minis: not too sweet and a good balance of flavors. None of the components of the cakes were too overpowering and yet they were so flavorful. The banana cupcake had the potential to be too much since there were chocolate bits in the cake itself combined with the cream cheese frosting and banana cake---yet it was just so perfect and had the best frosting I've sampled in a long time. And these were the best cupcakes I've had in Florida (so far)!
My only complaint: maybe a little too much frosting for the amount of cake. But that's me being super picky.

I would gladly sample these minis or regular sized cupcakes again. If the bakery happens to be on my route out of Florida...

Sweet By Holly
711 North Alafaya Trail
Orlando, Florida

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