The Road Trip Cupcake

June 20, 2015

The last thing I expected myself to do was grab a cupcake as I was driving 1300+ miles out of Florida to Buffalo earlier this week, especially after consuming so many cupcakes in the past month. But alas, I couldn't help but consult The Daily Meal's List to see if any were on my route.

There were about 7 cupcakeries in cities I drove through but there was only one that wasn't too far from the interstate. Abby Girl Sweets, located in Cincinnati--about a mile from the highway, is no. 71 on 2014's Top 101 Cupcake List. Timing worked out perfectly too, since I got a later start than I originally planned and got to the bakery just as it opened.
Even with a good variety of flavors available, I so predictably only had eyes for the Banana Pudding cupcake (I can never say no to a banana cupcake). Each cupcake is $2.75.

This cake was so perfectly fluffy and moist. The banana pudding filling was a delicious addition to the frosting and cake. But to be extra picky, there was too much frosting on top of the cake, which was also a tad too sweet. However, once I scraped off some frosting, it became so incredibly wonderful.
I made it safely to Buffalo after 23 hours solo in the car over two days. Here for six weeks and then off to Chicago in August! Happy Summer!!!

Abby Girl Sweets
4773 Glendale Milford Road
Blue Ash
Cincinnati, Ohio

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