One Last Cupcake...

June 11, 2015

Always on my To Do List before I move from a city is to make sure I complete my cupcake hunting. After visiting the final cupcakery today, I feel fully ready to dive head first into my least favorite activity: packing.

The final bakery was Frostings Etc, located in the SoHo neighborhood of Tampa. There was a good variety of cupcakes available today, even some adorned with bolts to show some Lightning pride (as a Chicagoan, I cannot condone such decorations). Jeffrey came along for the last trip and he settled on the 24 karat kake, while I opted for the champagne pear bellini cupcake. Cupcakes range from $3.25-$3.75.
Jeffrey and I realized that most of our cupcake adventures together have resulted in mediocre to bad results and today was no different. His carrot cake cupcake was the most savory cupcake I have sampled, and this is not a compliment. I don't have much of a sweet tooth but this cupcake did not have enough sugar in it to be called a cupcake or even a muffin. And the frosting on top his cupcake was quite sour and barely sweet.
My champagne pear bellini cupcake was oddly fragrant, along the lines of a fruity body splash from Bath & Body Works (this flavor was in the frosting). The cake itself was moist and very much like an apple cake, with its chunks of pear dispersed throughout. The flavor of the cake wasn't bad but the frosting was quite salty and very buttery, behind the perfumed pear flavor.
These two cupcakes were by far the oddest cupcakes I've sampled. Jeffrey and I were left dumbfounded about what we had just eaten. Were those really cupcakes? Definitely not sweet enough but at least they were perfectly moist.

And to cleanse our palates, Jeffrey got a simple vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting from Wright's Gourmet House. It was unfussy but also quite delicious. Thank you, Wright's for saving the day!

So here my cupcaking in the Tampa Bay area has come to a close. My fifth city complete, as chronicled here on the interwebs. A roundup will soon follow.

Frostings Etc
500 South Howard Avenue
Tampa, Florida

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