Frozen Goodie No. 3

July 30, 2015

Spending part of the summer in Buffalo allowed me to be reunited with berry picking. And this time around, I was able to pick both raspberries and blueberries.

But little did I know how short the life span on raspberries is and how grueling picking them can be. (The bushes are quite thorny). So beware, unless you LOVE raspberries, I would recommend sticking with blueberry picking.
So when I was faced with a basket full of raspberries on the cusp of death, I only found it fitting to make a delicious summer treat with those berries.
So I took out my popsicle molds for the first time since last summer and made a refreshing treat with my handpicked raspberries.

Raspberry Popsicles
  • use smitten kitchen's recipe for swirled berry yogurt popsicles
  • use your favorite popsicle mold. i have a zoku round pop mold and they're the cutest!
  • i would recommend pressing the pureed raspberries through a fine mesh strainer as deb suggests, since i found it quite cumbersome to eat the popsicles with so many seeds. 
  • enjoy! 

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